Grow The Bone™ Deer Attractant

Grow the Bone whitetail deer attractant puts the odds in your favor; this year have the deer hunt you! Our whitetail deer attractant product is a GAME CHANGER! Grow The Bone is the most powerful attractant on the market today.

We strongly believe in the products we have developed. Customers state that our innovation and dedication to results have made Grow the Bone the most powerful and effective all round product on the market.

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For use as an attractant and for those who can’t keep a food site up year round, you can use smaller portions. Grow the Bone is best used in 2-3 lb portions (the size of a coffee can)
We have seen SIGNIFICANT antler growth on the bucks that have eaten Grow the Bone in comparison to those who have not.
Grow the Bone is an all in one supplemental feed that is specially blended to produce healthier deer and bigger bucks.
Use your trail cameras to pattern your deer and choose which deer are shooters and which need time to grow.

don't take our word for it...

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Changing The Game

How It Works

Grow the Bone deer attractant appeals to a whitetail's sense of smell and will lure deer within shooting range.

Simply place 2lbs. of Grow the Bone in a pile at a comfortable shooting distance from your stand. Whitetail deer will smell the attractant and be drawn to the source, giving you the opportunity for that perfect shot.

Your Feeding Program

Before the hunting season begins, mix a few handfuls of Grow the Bone in with your current corn feed or pellets. Grow the Bone whitetail deer attractant will help you achieve your most exciting hunting season ever!

Frequenty Asked Questions

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